Loreum is an alias, a molecularized persona disseminated across the work of American artist Tyler Eash. Deriving from ‘Lore’ – meaning folklore or knowledge of a particular group or Culture – Loreum is the name of a crystallizing desire, the labyrinthine identity of a body becoming myth, living in the interstices between reality and fantasy. 

LOREUM is the artistic practice of Tyler Eash (1988, USA), who currently lives and works in Mexico. Upcoming exhibitions: Lilies in the Headlights (with Roxman Gatt) curated by Giulia Menegale, London, UK (2021); Loreum, NICOLETTI, London, UK (2020). Selected exhibitions: Mountain, curated by Camille Brechignac, B. Dewitt Gallery, London, UK (2019); Allusion to a body no longer present, Kunstraum, London, UK, Block Universe and Swiss Church, London, UK (2018); All places shall be hell that is not heaven, Deptford, London, UK (2018); A Handful of Uncertainty and Joy, Chalton Gallery, London, UK (2017); Full Moon in the Daytime, R/SF Projects, San Francisco, USA (2017). Loreum graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London, with a Master of Fine Art (2019).