Around Video

Around Video

Josèfa Ntjam

30.09.20 - 02.10.22

NıCOLETTı is delighted to announce its participation in Around Video, the first art fair dedicated to video art, taking place at Moxy Hotel, Lille, from Friday 30 September to Sunday 2 October.


NıCOLETTı will be presenting Dislocations, a 17 min film written and directed by Josèfa Ntjam, in collaboration with Sean Hart and Nicolas Pirus. The film is co-produced by Aquatic Invasion Production, the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, and Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati.


Unfolding in a cave floating in outer space, Dislocations follows the initiatory journey of Persona, a fictional character attempting to retrieve the memories that were lost during Cameroon’s struggles for independence. Throughout the film, Ntjam takes the image of the cave as an allegory for the spaces of revolts and dissension that developed outside the enlightenment project.


In Dislocations, Persona meets several characters who fought against colonization, such as Marthe Ekemeyang Moumié, Ruben Um Nyobé, and Ernest Ouandié. In so doing, Persona tries to connect the dots to recompose and pay homage to portions of History that often remain hidden. Here, memories take the shape of water, emerging from the cave in half-human, half-liquid forms that are sticking to Persona’s body, which is itself slowly turning into an ocean of memories.