NıCOLETTı is a nomadic artistic project spanning curatorial practice, artist representation and art consultancy. Supporting and promoting both emerging and established contemporary artists – from the late 20th century to the present –  NıCOLETTı organises series of exhibitions addressing current artistic, cultural and political problematics. The project is committed to fostering dialogues between artists and practices engaging in and contributing to international critical discourse.

Departing from the model of permanent space, NıCOLETTı is conceived as an itinerant project travelling across borders to facilitate and stimulate exchanges between artistic scenes and cultures. Considering the flexibility of space as an integral part of its curatorial practice, the project embraces mobility in order to find optimal venues for each of its exhibition.


On its online platform, articles, interviews and videos are presented to introduce the artists featuring our exhibitions. In addition to the information directly associated with our programme, the news section includes information about inspiration, influences and interests in the fields of art, culture and society.

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